CS18 Opening Weekend
Kate Houle, Communications Specialist

The 2019 Spring Semester at Conserve School has officially begun. In spite of some frigid temperatures and cloudy skies a certain warmth and vibrancy permeate Conserve School’s Lowenwood Campus as it bustles to life with new students. On “Move-In Day,” Friday, January 25th, staff excitedly greeted CS18. It was a long and busy weekend as students eagerly jumped into the swing of things; moving into dorms, saying goodbyes to family, learning about and exploring campus, and of course, making new friends.

Students getting campus information

For those who had already arrived in Land O’ Lakes, Friday morning Opening Weekend activities started early, with breakfast at The Pinecone restaurant. School registration officially started at nine am with families and students arriving throughout the day. Students were greeted at a welcome station inside the entrance to the Lowenstine Academic Building and then went on to check in at seven different stations including meeting with their advisor, checking in at the health center, receiving their mailbox assignment, getting their photo taken, and finding out what house, wing, and dorm they would be living in for the next four months. Families enjoyed lunch together on campus and got a feel for the Conserve School dining room and delicious food available. 

Breakfast at the Pinecone
Mom helping student move in

At five pm, after parents and family members departed, Student Orientation began in the Gathering Space with dinner, a discussion of the intentional community we strive for at Conserve School as well as our Values (compassion, honesty, justice, respect, and responsibility). This was followed by house meetings and our candlelit Opening Ceremony which took place on a very frozen Little Donahue Lake.

student hugging mom
community values meeting
Candle ceremony on the lake

After breakfast on Saturday, there were a plethora of activities to choose from both indoors and outdoors so that students could continue to familiarize themselves with the campus, and their new classmates before the academic week officially started. There were tours of the LRC (Lowenstine Recreation Center), LAB (Lowenstine Academic Building), House Orientations, as well as Dining Services introductions and Campus Exploration. There was a bit of free time and opt-in activities too… Such as a meet and greet at the Anderson household with golden retrievers, Teddy and Loki.

photo with golden retrievers

On Sunday, students received the laptops that they will use for the duration of the semester. They were given a bit of a Conserve School technology orientation where they learned the basics of their computers, rules for using them, and what expectations we have for them regarding technology in general. After business was taken care of, there were student life activities, free time and house gatherings before dinner and finally, curfew.  After all, Monday was going to be a big day, the first day of classes!

For more great photos of Move-In-Weekend check out this Facebook Album. 

Photos contributed by Jeff Rennicke, English Teacher and Stefan Anderson, Head of School.