With Gratitude
Stefan Anderson, Head of School
"We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives."– John F. Kennedy

The completion of the CS20 Semester (Spring 2020) brought to a close the current Conserve School Semester program. It is with much gratitude that I'd like to publicly recognize and thank the Conserve School staff for their unwavering dedication to make the semester experience, a remarkable one, even with half of the semester delivered remotely due to COVID19.

Wrapping up a program is no easy task; it is one wrought with emotion, uncertainty, and a sense of loss. However, the one thing that remained constant was the perseverance of the staff to work together in a supportive manner to close this chapter. As I think about the impact Conserve School has made on its 1392 alums (216 from the four-year program and 1176 from the semester program), I am reminded of a quote by Robert Louis Stevenson - "Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant."

Thank you to all the past Conserve School staff, you have made a lasting impact on many young lives. And a special thank you to the staff of the 2019-2020 school year.

Adam Scott
Al Hilmer
Allison Hanson
Andrew Deaett
Artemis Eyster
Barry Piehl
Becky Wagner
Bob Long
Brenda Pietila
Caitlin Lemley
Carolyn DeLong
Cathy Palmer
Chris Hoessel
Christine Uebe
Cody Wittman
Donelle Scaffidi
Drew Moehr
Eleva Potter
Emily Hayne
Gary Schurch
George Rue
Hailey Herrscher
Haley Chelsvig
Jamie Fiorucci
Jean Haack
Jeff Rennicke
Jennifer Anderson
Jill Wolf-Rennicke
Joe Bushman
Joe Smet
Judy Wiita
Junko Hoessel
Karl Hoessel
Kate Houle
Kathleen O'Connor
Ken Adamovich
Ken Musial
Leanna Jackan
Lee Nielson
Lora Haynes
Lori Nielson
Maddy King
Maia Stack
Martha Krumenauer
Max Trostel
Michael Harbour
Michael Salat
Mike Saad
Miriam Sellers
Nancy Schwartz
Noah Mixon
Paul Karpinski
Paul Lovaas
Penny Hargraves
Phil DeLong
Rebecca Rand
Rich Spagnoli
Rob Houle
Robert Eady
Roger Gerds
Roger Noel
Sally Zoelick
Sherrie McFarland
Warren Kobilca
With gratitude,
Stefan Anderson, Head of School