Student Voices
Stefan Anderson, Head of School

This past weekend the students of Conserve School semester 17 concluded their 17 week experience and headed home. As the semester drew to a close the students were given a number of opportunities to share their thoughts about the experience and their aspirations for the future. 

Surveys provided one opportunity for students to give feedback. Students completed a survey about each class and they also completed a survey that covered many aspects of Conserve School including its 14 School Wide Learning Goals. When asked the question, "On a scale of 0 to 10 how likely are you to recommend Conserve School to others?" The average response was 9.8.

At the end of the program survey students were asked about their best memories of Conserve School. Here are few of the answers.

One of my best memories at Conserve school was watching the sunsets at sunset point and stargazing at the sledding hill in the beginning of the semester. Bonding with your friends in such beautiful places felt amazing. I also loved exploration week. It changed my life and made friendships and memories I will never forget. Being at the sledding hill for English was also a peak. The level of personal connection I feel with the classes is unexplainable, and I know it is unlikely to occur again. I'm extremely lucky and thankful.

I have so many that I don't know how to just choose one. Solos was amazing because it gave me time to reflect and get to know a spot on campus I probably never would have otherwise seen. It also made me more confident in my camping skills. This morning I went to the sledding hill with some friends to watch the sunrise and we say a red fox hanging out. He didn't run away but just trotted around and watched us. At one point we even saw him bounce into the snow head first to catch something! It was such an incredibly amazing way to start off the day. Thank you Conserve!

A friend and I got "lost" in the woods and found a beautiful bog. This memory is meaningful and powerful because I was experiencing the amazing outdoors with someone who also appreciated it and it was the beginning of a friendship.

The night paddle we did during exploration week or the night hike in outdoor skills. I liked being encouraged to go out in the dark and be quiet and just exist in nature and think. Not a lot of outdoor education is always centered around just being in nature and not being active.

A week before the end of the semester, four students agreed to talk about their experiences with prospective students through a live streamed video question & answer session on Facebook. You can view a recording of that session here:

On the final Saturday of CS17, students and guests gathered in the auditorium for the Celebration Ceremony. During the ceremony those assembled heard from students through their spoken words, original songs, and individual written reflections. In early January you will be able to view video from the Celebration Ceremony so that you can see and hear the students voices for yourself.


Stefan Anderson 
Head of School