Conserve School Community
Stefan Anderson, Head of School

Many people have been fortunate enough to experience Conserve School as a student, staff, family member, neighbor, alum, speaker, or performer. Even though the Conserve School will no longer have the four-year program or semester program that it has had in the past, Jim Lowenstine's legacy will live on at Lowenwood.

It is my wish that the Conserve School community that has formed from 2002-2020 will continue to connect, support each other, and promote environmental stewardship. In my new position as Lowenwood Director, I will strive to foster community bonds from near and far.

To help me in this regard, I ask alums to please share the highlights of your journey in the form of a small statement or a story. I will be sharing these items in our newsletter and on our website. Here is a link to a form that should make it easy for you to submit: click here for the update form.

If you haven't already done so, please subscribe to our newsletter so that you can easily stay connected to this amazing community. Click here to subscribe.

As the new chapter for Lowenwood emerges, updates will be posted on our social media channels. Here are links to the channels we are using: 





Best wishes, stay healthy, hydrate, get outdoors, and please share your life updates with us!

Stefan Anderson, Lowenwood Director