Taking Action

The Taking Action Project is a keystone experience of the Conserve School Semester program, leading the students' transition to their home communities. During their semester here and within the framework of the Environmental Stewardship course, each student will develop, plan, and hopefully implement (when they return home), a project that furthers environmental stewardship in some capacity. Some examples of past projects include: implementing a garden education program at school, starting a composting system at home, petitioning the city for the installation of bike lanes, advocating for cleaner water, and creating a school-wide incentive for use of reusable water bottles over disposable ones.

The Taking Action Project can be something a student wants to do to create positive environmental change in their home community: at home, school, church, city/town, or elsewhere in the local community. It should be something clearly defined and within the student’s scope of influence and ability to make happen.

Click here for Alum Maya Dizack's Taking Action Project