Winner Climate & Me Art Contest
Jill Rennicke, Alumni Coordinator

Congratulations to Sophia Botran, CS14 Alum. Sophia participated in the Climate & Me Art Contest organized by Women in Leadership Miami. Women in Leadership Miami is a grassroots organization created to empower women and to educate youth about the environment. The theme of the art contest was to show how climate change has affected your community. Sophia writes, "I decided to submit a photograph I took and a poem I wrote during hurricane Irma. Just like many of our friends, my family and I were affected by hurricane Irma. In fact, we had to evacuate our home with our 2 pets. We went to a relative's home, north of Orlando, and although we were not in the flood zone caused by storm surges that affected Miami, we were hit with 24 hours of Irma's relentless winds. Due to the warming of our plant, hurricanes are getting stronger and larger, creating more damage. As I curled up on a velvet chair, leaning forward to have the glow of the flashlight appear on my lined pages, a ballpoint pen in one hand and my warm yellow journal in the other, I wrote about my feelings while the wind was yelling outside. I then decided to take out my camera. I wanted to capture the movement that was happening outside my window, so I turned down my shutter speed and let my camera capture the plants dancing in the wind. I love how the photograph has so much movement with the blur of the plants. At the contest, I won the Innovation Award for my photograph and poem. I participated in the contest not searching for a trophy, but to have an outlet where I can use my voice to help protect the planet."


by Sophia Botran

Chaotic, yet calm

shattered limbs

scattered on the lawn

swaying turns to



turns to dancing,


turns to lion roars

Tear drops

to raindrops

to showers

simple breeze

turns to deadly seas

silent screams

crying winds

haunt your dreams

darkness begins to creep

Light brings the easy

feeling of safety

we forget the pain

making the same mistakes

over and over

our habits continue

Earth gets warmer