Hats Off To The Graduates
Jill Rennicke, Alumni Coordinator

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal as well as transitions. All of us at Conserve School congratulate the graduates. With celebration ceremonies across the country we have heard from some of our alumni with news of graduation from high school and college. Here is small list of some of the alums we have heard from.

We would love to hear from you if you are graduating and what might be your next adventure. Click here to send us a class note and congratulations on your new step in life.

Sarah Beach, CS6 Graduated Michigan Technical University

Rylie Cibelli, CS12 Attending Florida State University

Genevieve Danton, CS5 Graduated University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

Rachel Fisher, CS5 Graduated Northland College

Molly Flerlage, CS5 Alum Graduated Macalester

Caroline Green, CS13 Attending University of Vermont

Shelby Heyen, CS5 Graduated Northland College

Sophia Kim Depperman, 2008 Alum Doctorate of Musical Arts Degree

Jennings Leavell, CS2 Graduated Bowdoin College

Laura Loucks, CS3 Graduated Northland College

Maxime Lowe, CS6 Graduated College of the Atlantic

Kelsey Mayer, CS6 Graduated St. Olaf College

Ethan McCall, CS14 Attending Cedarville University in OH

Brooke Niermann, CS5 Graduated Northland College

Rayna Nolen, CS4 Graduated Colorado College

Riley O'Connor, CS5 Graduated University of WI/Madison

Dora Peregrine, CS14 Attending University of Denver

Espen Richardson, CS14 Attending Whittier College

Emma Thiel, CS13 Attending Northern Michigan University

Vanessa Peters, 2009 Alum Graduated Masters University of WI/Milwaukee

Audrey Swanenberg, 2008 Alum Graduated Masters John Hopkins University

Augie Voss, CS13 Attending Colorado College