Growing a New Path
Jill Rennicke, Alumni Coordinator

Mikaylo Kelly (CS4) has always forged his own path. Long a self-guided learner, Mikaylo, soon after his Conserve School semester, began to consider ways to move beyond the traditional college path of pre-determined majors and cookie-cutter classes. "I very quickly identified urban agriculture as a form of self-care, earth-care, and political activism all in one," he says "and have been involved in urban agricultural work ever since." Those interests led him to enroll at Augustana College where he found the opportunity to pursue a contract major of his own design. Titled "Food Justice," this unique academic path will allow him to address and contextualize the topics of environmental justice, social justice, hyperlocal place-making processes, international economics and more. His course of study will mix courses in the women's and gender studies, environmental studies, geography, sociology, anthropology, English, economics, and communications departments into a complex and unique field of study perfect for today's changing relationship with what we eat and how it is produced. "I'm hoping to some day come back to Conserve as a Teaching Fellow or even a guest speaker," he says, to share with the students his personalized field of study and hands-on experiences. "I'd love to once again learn and grow together with the Conserve's faculty and students, and with Lowenwood," he says. We hope he unique path brings him back this way soon.