Feeding the Flame to Speak for the Earth
Jill Rennicke

Anna Costanza, a CS1 alum, credits her time at Conserve with lighting "an inextinguishable flame" within her to "speak loud and proud" for the earth. "I owe much of my continuing passion for environmental stewardship, education, and science communication to my time at Conserve School," she claims. Lately, that flame has been burning in her work at the Marine Science Institute in San Francisco where she is working as a Marine Science Instructor aboard the R/V Robert G. Brownlee. The Brownlee, a 90-foot research vessel, is charged with taking student groups out into San Francisco Bay to study marine life and the human/nature relationship in the world-class estuary.

Always a busy person, Anna is also enrolled in a Certificate program for Geographic Information Systems and Technology at Foothill College. With these skills she hopes to take data and create beautiful maps to communicate environmental concerns that have the potential to prompt data-driven decisions and policy. She plans to attend grad school in the next couple years to study land management, aquatic ecology, land/water conservation.

Keep the fire burning, Anna!