CS2 Alum, Maria Doerr  & Climate Reality Leadership Corps
Jill Rennicke, Alumni Coordinator

This week, Maria Doerr (CS2 Alum) will be participating in the Climate Reality Leadership Corps with Al Gore in Mexico City. The Corps provides the unique opportunity for citizen leaders to connect with climate scientists and environmental influencers in order to learn the latest on climate science and how to share it effectively through social media, powerful storytelling, and personal outreach. The three-day workshop creates a space for exchange and aims to support the next generation of climate change-makers through training on community organizing, strategic communications, and advocacy. We all can play a role in forwarding climate justice, striving for climate mitigation and adaptation and holding our leaders accountable to meet the Paris Climate Agreement.

Mexico City is a global city, where challenges with, and potential solutions to, climate change are greater than ever. As the Project Officer for the Water Forest Initiative through Conservation International México, Maria aims to communicate the importance of protecting the city's watershed and help coordinate community-driven projects that link natural ecosystems, rural landholders and urban water consumers. In Mexico City, home to more than a fifth of Mexico's population, there is no fight against climate change without its watershed, surrounding forests and grasslands. Maria is excited to share her experiences with nature-based climate solutions and learn from her peers at the Leadership Corps.

Visit The Climate Reality Project to learn more about their leadership training. Maria welcomes you to reach out to learn more about her projects at www.mariadoerr.com.