CS11 Alum Taking Action Project
Jill Rennicke, Alumni Coordinator

Emma Meeker, went back to her community in Washburn, WI after her semester at Conserve and presented her community with her taking action project. Emma has created two Reel In and Recycle monofilament recycling bins for used/unwanted fishing line. The bins are in two locations at the marina in Washburn. Emma sought advice from Darren Miller, operation supervisor for the Les Voigt and Brule Hatcheries. "This is something that can make a difference" Miller said and Emma moved to make the project a reality knowing that she was doing something to help on the shores of her community and the lake that she loves. With funding from the NOAA Marine Debris program and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundations boaters now have a safe place for used line recycling.

Photo Courtesy of Hope McLeod