Allison Fuhrman, CS1 Alum Teaching in Japan
Jill Rennicke, Alumni Coordinator

Hailing from the Midwest, Allison Fuhrman was well equipped to handle the snowiest city in the world, Aomori City, Japan. Alilson is teaching English with the JET Program (Japan Exchange and Teaching). Allison writes, "I still get to put a lot of my Conserve School knowledge and skills to the test. Aomori is pretty rural and I don't have a car, so I keep a pretty active lifestyle between biking or snowshoeing 2.5 km to work, hauling my kerosene container to the store on a sled when I need more fuel, and of course hiking and enjoying the beautiful scenery this region has to offer. I think my time at Conserve School taught me how to problem-solve and be creative with my solutions, which are skills I put to use daily and translate nicely into navigating life in a foreign land. It also nurtured my appreciation and love of nature and the environment. This summer when the new JETs arrive for prefectural orientation, I volunteered to lead the explanation on Japan's extensive recycling and trash collection system; some people find separating the different types of plastics and recyclables bothersome, but I admire the steps Japan takes to preserve the environment and I hope I can instill some enthusiasm in the new members of our community when they come."

Allison also uses those adventures and experiences of living in Japan in a self-created comic book blog. Check it out at: