Sky Diving
Jill Rennicke, Alumni Coordinator

"I’ve been asked many times how I got into the sport of skydiving. The simple answer is: I jumped. I jumped out of an airplane travelling around 80 mph. Falling through the sky I reached terminal velocity; falling around 120 mph. After experiencing an adrenalin rush like none other, I pulled my parachute. This gave me a chance to slow down and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the world. Then I landed.

The whole fall from 10,000 ft lasted about two minutes, yet that was long enough to change my life. Immediately I wanted to hop right back on the airplane and do it again, but this time instead of just falling I wanted to fly. Of course, I had to learn how to fly first. To become a licensed skydiver I joined the USPA and started my journey to getting my A-License. This entailed learning skills such as exiting the airplane properly, gaining stability during freefall, pulling my parachute at the right altitude, and landing my parachute. It also entailed jumping out of a perfectly good airplane 25 times, each time demonstrating different maneuvers in the 30 seconds I had before I needed to pull my parachute. Once I completed all of the requirements for the A-License, I submitted my progression card to the USPA. With a pat on the back and a big blue stamp on my forehead, I was in. I had joined a club with a culture few people even realize exists. This may sound like an oversimplified explanation, because it is. Explaining the joy of flying is quite hard with just words, so if you want to know what I am talking about I encourage you to try it sometime!

I’ve had my license for a little over a week now and with all the celebrating at my local drop zone beginning to subside I have decided to have a celebration of my own (go big or go home right?) Being a Conserve School alum there’s only one way to do that. I’m going to Alaska! As you all know it is BIG, so it is only fitting that I have my BIG celebration by jumping out of an airplane and getting a view of Denali from above!"

Blue Skies,

Ryan Clark

P.S. If you’re thinking about skydiving now and have some questions feel free to reach out to me!


Sky Diving
Sky Diving