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Jill Rennicke, Alumni Coordinator

Sometimes it is the little things that matter most. Even the smallest of deeds has meaning and can create crossroads in a young life. CS2 alum Katie Sloan learned this lesson with a chance meeting with a young lady she had "sworn in" as a Junior Ranger. In her own words, Katie tells the heart-warming story below.

"Meet Lillian. Lillian and her family have been traveling in New England while Hurricane Florence ravaged their home in North Carolina. I met her first on my job as a ranger at Marshall-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park in Vermont during our Forest Fest where she interviewed me for her Junior Ranger book earning her first badge, which is always exciting. 

Out of pure fate, I ran into her family again recently at Adams National Historic Park in Massachusetts while I was visiting. I helped her complete another Junior Ranger booklet, as I was completing it myself. We toured the site together, and spent the two hours like we were the best of friends. I even got a hug when we had to say goodbye. 

A ranger at Adams National Historic Park who knew I was a visiting ranger saw our interaction and awarded me an National Park Service Challenge Coin. On the back it says "One Heroic Deed At A Time" for committing my day off to fulfill my ranger duties.

This is why I am a ranger. Making parks exciting for kids and encouraging them to learn and explore. The proudest moment of my life. Thank you Adams National Historical Park and Lillian."

National Park Service Challenge Coin


National Park Service

Photos contributed by Katie Sloan