Drew and Global Brigades group.
Jill Rennicke, Alumni Coordinator

While in college at the Milwaukee School of Engineering, Drew Steger, CS8 (Spring 2014), spent his summers helping in Honduras working with Global Brigades. In 2004, Global Brigades started its work in the country of Honduras as a medical relief organization. Through the collaboration of community partners and local leaders, the group eventually evolved their programming to tackle the underlying issues causing and relating to the health challenges they initially observed during medical clinics. No longer focusing on short-term medical relief, Global Brigades now works to empower communities through economic development, sustainable healthcare and water and sanitation projects. Drew’s project was to build bathrooms for rural families in Honduras.

Drew graduated in May 2019 from MSOE (Milwaukee School of Engineering) with a degree in Civil Engineering, and a concentration in Environmental Engineering/Water Resources. In October, Drew began his career with the Spicer Group in Saginaw, MI as a Water Resources Engineer.  Before heading to his new adventure, he spent a weekend visiting with fellow CS8 Alumn Matt Weber, doing a bit of fishing.  (He won't share which lake this was caught on - fishermen and their secret spots!)

Field Work
Drew and parents at graduation.
Drew and his catch.

Photos contributed by Drew Steger.