EMT work pack
Jill Rennicke, Alumni Coordinator

“I graduated in December with a Bachelors in Psychology and minored in Environmental Science. The past few years I went through so many majors and minors trying to figure out what I truly wanted to do. Fisheries and Forestry, Spanish, Psychology, a thought on Geology and Geography. I couldn’t figure it out. I enjoyed every subject I studied, but couldn’t see myself in those fields with the types of jobs available through them. Still unsure about what I wanted to do, but not far off from graduating, I decided to go with Psychology because I liked the people aspect of it. It’s fun, intriguing, and I whole-heartedly believe studying psychology has helped me understand people and to communicate with everyone on a deeper and better level. After graduation I decided to try a semester of Emergency Medical Services. Being a paramedic/firefighter has been a small thought in my head since I was in middle school, but I brushed it off until after graduation. Everyone was going to 4 year universities and I felt like I needed to as well. I figured I would try a semester of EMS and would decide from there. WELL I LOVE IT. I can confidently say I have finally found something I love. I wish I would have found it sooner, but I’m happy was able to study so many other subjects as well.

Recently, I had my first day of clinical training as an EMS student and I am beyond excited to go forward with my FireMedic degree. I love the rush of being in an ambulance and helping people. Every day is different, new, and exciting. The tired look in my face tells all for how much information there is to learn, but it is worth it! Ultimately, I would love to be a FireMedic and still use my training in psychology by teachubg classes to different emergency units, whether it’s police, paramedics, firefighters, or ER personnel, on how to interact with people with special needs during emergency situations. I found my thing, and I’m doing it!!”