Alumni Stories

Each CS semester is unique but like rivers flowing together, you can join with other CS alums from all our semesters as well as our four year alums and join the large and growing Conserve School family. Here you can cultivate connections, meet new friends, learn about new opportunities, and discover the world beyond Conserve.

Check out some stories:

A Story of Art
Jill Rennicke, Alumni Coordinator

Nyika Campbell, CS8 Alum attends the University of CO Boulder, her art inspires us to look closely and to appreciate the creativity in each piece. Sometimes a visual story speaks for itself. Thank you to Nyika for sharing her work. We continue to be inspired by our alums and the work they are doing.

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Growing a New Path
Jill Rennicke, Alumni Coordinator

Not all college paths are created equal. CS4 alum Mikaylo Kelly has designed his own special major called "Food Justice" at Augustana College to explore the ever-changing human relationship with food: what we eat, how it is produced, and the impact it has on the earth.

  • CS4
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Alum Working For NPS
  • Employment
Jill Rennicke

Kira Minehart (CS1), graduate of Stanford University, is headed to the Grand Canyon for the summer to work for the National Park Service as a geoscience educator.

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