Virtual Prospective Student Day

Attending a Prospective Student Day is an enlightening and invaluable experience for prospective students and their parents.  We realize that visiting in person, may not be a feasible option for all families.  We've developed a Virtual Prospective Student Day that takes families through most of the sessions of the day.  Find a comfy spot and wander at your leisure through our Virtual Prospective Student Day.

An Introduction to Conserve School

Many students have shared that our pictures don't fully give the full impact of campus. 

Here is a virtual tour, which should give more of an idea of our inner campus.  Enjoy your tour! 

click here to take a virtual tour of Conserve School 


Below is a video of a Facebook Live chat with four CS17 students and Head of School Stefan Anderson about their experience at Conserve School fall 2018.   The students had two weeks left of their semester when this video was filmed.   Questions were posed live during the Facebook feed.