2020-21 School Year

Conserve School will not be operating as a semester school for the 2020-2021 school year. We encourage students looking for a great semester school experience to check out the Semester School Network website.

The school is engaged in an ongoing process to determine how to best realize Jim Lowenstine's wishes in a fiscally responsible way that assures that Lowenwood makes a meaningful difference in the lives of young people for many years to come. 

In 1965 Jim Lowenstine expressed his wish for his beloved Lowenwood in Land O' Lakes, Wisconsin to positively impact the hearts and minds of young people.

"To the future young folks of Lowenwood: I wish you all love, hope, happiness, and a long and healthful life. May your understanding of mankind be broadened through your association with and, I am sure, your love of Lowenwood." ~ Jim Lowenstine 5-13-1965

Since his passing in 1998 we have done just that through a variety of programs including a four-year boarding high school, semester school, summer camp, and visits by school groups.

Regardless of what path Lowenwood follows in the future, you can rest assured of two things. First, there will be ongoing meaningful opportunities for young people to fall in love with Lowenwood while learning about the conservation of natural resources and, second, that the Lowenwood campus that so many have already fallen in love with will be maintained in its natural state.