Conserve School Scholarship Program

All U.S. citizens accepted to Conserve School, for the fall 2019 or spring 2020 semesters, become Lowenstine Scholars and are awarded  a $10,000 Lowenstine Honors Scholarship.

Need-Based Financial Aid Scholarships

The amount of the scholarships are determined by the federal taxable income of the students’ guardians. Families can receive confirmation of the value of the need-based scholarship that their children are eligible for, should they be accepted, at any time during the application process. Accepted students must complete the income verification process within two weeks of receiving their acceptance notification.

Conserve School's scholarship program supports the admission of qualified, mission and vision focused students, increasing the size and diversity of the applicant pool by:

Allowing prospective students and families to focus on the school program, its Mission and Vision, and its overall fit with the student’s interest without undue concern for the financial impact on the family.

  • Assuring that Conserve School is accessible to students from a wide spectrum of socioeconomic backgrounds by reducing the cost factors and the complicated financial aid application processes, which many other schools have, that could be barriers.
  • Supporting word-of-mouth recruitment of students because individuals need not worry that they are recommending a program that a particular family may not be able to afford.
  • Reducing concerns that resources spent on a semester at Conserve School will reduce the family’s ability to fund future tuition needs.
  • Making the Conserve School program stand out from programs with similar goals due to its unique affordability.

The scholarship program enhances the Conserve School experience by:

  • Supporting an inclusive atmosphere on campus by eliminating the categorization of students into “scholarship” and “non-scholarship” students.
  • Promoting a diverse student body by reducing the financial barriers for students who, because of lack of material advantages, might not otherwise be able to afford the lifetime rewards that come from the residential academic setting of Conserve School.
  • Recognizing the students as being honored to be part of a unique and special school, and as such they want to live up to that honor by doing their best while attending Conserve School.

The Lowenstine Honors Scholarship Program benefits Conserve School graduates as they go forward to become environmentally minded leaders and difference makers by:

  • Recognizing the achievement of being Lowenstine Scholars on their college applications.
  • Eliminating the significant financial costs often associated with similar programs that could interfere with funding for college.
  • Giving graduates a personal and continuing connection with James R. Lowenstine’s positive example of the importance of philanthropy and inspiration for their own acts of philanthropy.
  • Highlighting their environmental awareness by investing a semester of their time towards:
    • understanding the science of natural resource conservation,
    • encouraging a commitment to protecting the environment,
    • learning about careers that help preserve the natural world,
    • embracing the enjoyment of outdoor activities, and
    • enhancing a love and respect for nature.