Scholarship Estimator

Conserve School is committed to making the school accessible and affordable. All accepted students are awarded Lowenstine Honors Scholarships. The Scholarship Estimator has been provided to help families gauge their potential financial cost.

The Scholarship Estimator is a tool families can use to get an estimation of their contribution for the fall 2018 (CS17) and spring 2019 (CS18) semesters. Provided the family's evaluation of their federal taxable income is correct, the estimation should be close to the scholarship provided. However, final scholarship values are awarded by the school after evaluation of financial information provided by families. The Scholarship Estimator is not a commitment on the part of Conserve School to make a specific award.

Families not applying for Need-Based Scholarships

All accepted students receive at a minimum a $10,000 Lowenstine Honors Scholarship so the cost to these families is $15,200.

Determination of Taxable Income

Conserve School uses the family’s most recent federal tax forms to determine taxable income. For the current recruitment cycle those are most commonly 2016 forms 1040A or 1040.

  • Form 1040A – Use line 27
  • Form 1040 – Use line 43
  • Families that use a different form and who have questions about determining taxable income can contact the Conserve School Business Office.

Based on taxable income, families will fall into one of three categories:

  • Taxable income below $65,000 (over 60% of U.S. citizens)
  • Taxable income between $65,000 and $350,000
  • Taxable income above $350,000 or those not reporting income (less than 1% of U.S. citizens)

Taxable Income below $65,000

Families with incomes in this range receive $25,000 scholarships so the cost these families is $200, which is the enrollment fee.

Financial Assistance Estimator