Learning Goals

After completing a semester at Conserve School, a student:

  1. Appreciates and experiences the wonder of nature; values fundamental, life-long connections with nature; and expresses those connections in creative ways.
  2. Comprehends the complex meanings of sustainability and stewardship, and uses these principles as guideposts for their personal and professional life.
  3. Will have taken a strong step forward on their educational path equal to or greater than the expected progression in their sending school.
  4. Demonstrates the skills necessary to feel comfortable and confident in the outdoors, both alone and with others.
  5. Understands and critically evaluates the complexities of environmental issues, including their ethical dimensions, and advocates effectively for what they believe is just.
  6. Understands educational and professional opportunities related to the environment, and how to pursue them.
  7. Frequently takes time for outdoor play and reflection.
  8. Demonstrates improved skills in the principles and practices of teamwork and leadership.
  9. Demonstrates a commitment and responsibility to community, and is inspired to value and take part in service to others.
  10. Demonstrates the observational and reflective skills necessary to the development of a meaningful and lasting sense of place.
  11. Is able to recognize and critically examine environmental issues across cultures and disciplines.
  12. Has a hopeful and realistic outlook, including a personal vision for a better future.
  13. Understands the ecology, history, and cultures of the Northwoods from the local to the global levels.
  14. Has come to know Lowenwood, has developed gratitude for this gift from James R. Lowenstine, and, through their deepening love of this place, has become inspired to be a caretaker of the natural world.