Conserve and College

Conserve School recognizes that the junior year is an important time for preparing to apply for college. We work with our students to assist them in the process. As part of our Environmental Stewardship class, most Wednesday afternoons are devoted to presentations and discussions related to college programs and career opportunities related to the environment. Admissions officers from colleges with missions similar to Conserve School's are regular visitors to our campus. We also make available to students and parents easily-accessible information about green colleges and careers, as well as conservation internships for high school students.

While we offer all students the opportunity to take the PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test) during our fall semester, and we administer necessary AP exams on campus in the spring, we do not offer the ACT or SAT during either the fall or the spring semester. It's been our experience that sitting for these college entrance exams, and preparing for them, diverts student time and energy from the unique experiences offered during the Conserve School semester. As such, we encourage prospective students and their families to make plans to take these college entrance exams while at home. Visit the ACT or SAT websites for information about test dates and locations near your home.