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Ojibwe Syruping Celebration

This past week all students were invited to a Stewardship Syruping Celebration to participate in a traditional Ojibwe Syruping Ceremony and help tap maple trees to get syrup for the dining hall.

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The Good Oak

Sometimes the best way to understand literature is to set the book aside and cut to the chase.

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Weekend Camping

Math teacher Caitlin Lemley and Teaching Fellow Maria Lee recently took a group of students on a weekend camping trip.

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Terra Incognita

History students are challenged to become William Clark for a day and see how accurate they can be in creating a map on campus.

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Summer Raft Guides

Chad Roberts (CS9) and Naomi Orchard (CS9) spent the summer working at the Moab Adventure Center in Moab, Utah.

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Alum Working For NPS

Kira Minehart (CS1), graduate of Stanford University, is headed to the Grand Canyon for the summer to work for the National Park Service as a geoscience educator.

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