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Curriculum Overview    

Tracking the signal of a radio collar

Each Conserve School semester immerses students in environmental history, nature literature, and the science of conservation. Innovative, hands-on courses capture students’ imaginations while making the most of Conserve School’s 1200-acre wilderness campus. The school’s strikingly beautiful Northwoods location sets the stage for an exceptional educational experience; at Conserve School, forests, lakes, and wildlife become students’ inspiration, their course materials, and their laboratory. At the same time, Conserve School’s program advances students’ skills in standard high school subjects.

Conserve School achieves this blend of academics, environmental education, and outdoor activities by offering a curriculum that includes three types of courses:

  • Core Courses, at the center of Conserve School learning, are designed around environmental themes and cover the standard academic skills and topics addressed in upper-level college-preparatory high school courses;
  • Continuity Courses ensure that students keep pace with their home school courses in the sequential, skill-based areas of mathematics and Spanish; and
  • Elective Courses offer students opportunity for exploration of topics such as nature art.
  • If necessary, students may enroll in one online course, if needed to fulfill a requirement of their sending school that cannot be taken during a different semester at home. ‚Äč

Core Courses

  • Environmental Science
    • AP Environmental Science
  • Advanced Topics in English
    •  Wilderness Voices: American Literature and the Land
  • Advanced Topics in History
    •  History: Exploration in America
  • Physical Education
    • Physical Education: Outdoor Skills
  • College Prep
    • Stewardship
 Continuity Courses
  • Mathematics
    • Algebra II
    • Precalculus
  • Spanish
    • Three flexible levels of Spanish (encompassing Spanish II through AP Spanish Language and Culture)
Elective Courses
Please note that the elective course offerings may vary due to staff availability, student interest, and on-going program development. Current elective offerings:
  • Earth Art
  • Drawn to Nature
  • Nature Photography 
  • Leadership and Teamwork 
  • Students may enroll in one online course, if needed

Please continue on to specific subject area pages to learn more details about our curriculum.


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